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MK Edge - K14971 BSS W - 13a Sw Connection Unit with Neon and Flex Outlet NIB


Product information

MK K14971 BSS W - Edge 13a Switched Connection Unit + Neon & Flex Outlet.
Cat No: K14971 BSS W
Edge Range
Edge is a range of electrical accessories that combine function and style. The design is smooth, clean and the products are very slim - in fact just 1.5mm.
There is a wide range of finishes to choose from.
Brushed Stainless Steel finish white inserts
All units are fitted with a 13 amp fuse-link to BS.1362.
A screwless cord grip automatically clamps and securely holds the cable in connection units with base and front flex outlets
In-line terminals, backed out captive terminal screws and clear marking make wiring up easy
The fuse carrier can be locked in the open position by removing the fuse and using K2000 fuse carrier padlock
All metal decorative face plates mustbe earthed in accordance with the latest edition of the IEE wiring regulationsand should be installed by a qualified electrician.
These decorative wiring accessoriesshould not be installed onto a newly plastered or freshly decorated walls untilthoroughly dry (refer to the manufacturers data for determining drying times)as some wall finishes may contain alkali's and solvents.
To prevent tarnishing gaskets shouldalways be fitted between the plate and the wall. It is strongly recommendedthat the products are only installed when the building works are completed, asexposure to brick, cement & plaster dust and the like may adversely affectthe finish and operation of the products. Alternatively as protection a plasticbag should be retained on the product during the installation process, alsonote that masking tape should not be applied to the product.
Cleaning Advice
These decorative wiring accessorieshave been manufactured with the finest materials and some are treated with afine coat of lacquer to give a hard durable finish.
The only cleaning treatment requiredis by wiping over the plate with a soft dry lint free cloth, however for morestubborn marks, a very lightly moistened cloth with a mild detergent such aswashing up liquid can be used. Note: This liquid must be diluted before use.
Under no circumstances should anyabrasive or solvent polishes, cleaning fluids, paint removers or similartreatments of this kind be applied to the product.
DIMENSIONS: 86 x 86mm

Technical specifications

EAN: 5017490289117
MPN: K14971 BSS W
Range: Edge Range
Finish: Brushed Stainless Steel
Standards: BS.1363 Pt.4: 1995
Type: Electrical Fittings
Brand: MK Edge
Condition: New
Product Code: K14971 BSS W
Weight: 1kg


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